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Much like the Big Bang and the Power Puff Girls, PROJECTKIN is created from some powerful components.


A passion for exploring the world and learning from diverse nature and cultures

We love going on adventures that challenge and push us out of our comfort zones, but we also love taking relaxing and rejuvenating trips. Our products are made with all types of travel in mind


Love for the planet we live on and for which we want to make a difference

The travel industry is a major contirbutor to global pollution. At KIN, we wanted to create what was
missing—a brand of products developed for mindful travelers. By focusing on using the materials with the smallest carbon footprint possible, we find ways to neutralize impact the earth without compromising quality, experience, or design



We were tired of buying new suitcases only for them to break on their first trip. We found ourselves using big bags that got our things soaked (hello Europe) and never being able to find the things we actually need. We desired a timeless product that wouldn't go out of season and would always compliment our ever-changing wardrobe


We believe that traveling is good for both mind and soul and, in some situations, a necessity. It fuels us with inspiration and teaches us about the world and its many inhabitants. However, compared to just a few years ago, there is a more thoughtful way of traveling; that movement is why we are here!

We have used all our products and tested them to ensure they can handle whatever their trips throw at them. We have worked hard to get the highest quality and provide products that can last many years.