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It’s officially November in Copenhagen which means that winter is starting to hit… Down jackets are claiming their spots in our closets and our cheeks are starting to get red from riding bikes in the cold. Though some might not see the winter as a good thing, Copenhagen manages to make the changing seasons exciting. Don’t be scared away from visiting this beautiful city in the winter, as there is a special charm during the holidays that you can’t experience at any other time. Get inspired to get out and about in Copenhagen’s first cold month by following this guide: 

1. Tivoli

This one is obvious and probably overrated, but not in the eyes of a traveler new to Copenhagen. As an exchange student myself, I know I am greatly looking forward to bringing my friends to Tivoli and seeing the holiday decor. From rides to restaurants to light shows and Nutcracker performances, Tivoli begins to come alive with holiday spirit in November. The 2022 Christmas season begins November 19th and ends December 31st until doors reopen in March.

2. Go on a café scavenger hunt!

Another way to get yourself out of bed during those seasonal depression episodes is to explore new coffee and pastry spots around the city. I am in constant search of the best chocolate croissant, and I love the excitement of finding my new favorite spot. Juno is obviously one of the best bakeries in Copenhagen as it is created by a former Noma chef. But, it’s a bit out of the way for some, and it’s fun to discover other little cafés in the nooks and crannies of Copenhagen. One of my favorites is Democratic Coffee where there is a wonderful public library attached to study or work. Let the thought of a warm chai latte lure you out into the streets, even if your toes freeze!

Democratic Coffee: Krystalgade 15, 1172 København

3. Go to the movies or the theater

It’s nice to get a break from outside but not be confined to your home or apartment. Going to the movies or the theater is a great way to stay engaged in what Copenhagen has to offer without spending too much time outside. Currently, The Opera House is showing The Handmaid’s Tale Opera, which sounds very interesting and engaging. I have been meaning to see Don’t Worry Darling in theaters as well, and Palads is such a cute and fun place to do so. While it might be basic, make this type of activity exciting by seeing shows that are seasonal or different from what is normally offered. 

4. Get a head start on your Christmas shopping

November is a great time to start your holiday shopping early, before the madness of the holiday season takes over the shops. With the Christmas markets opening up in Copenhagen, strolling down the streets and collecting some stocking stuffers is a great way to get into the winter spirit and beat the stress of last-minute shopping. Remember, you don’t have to buy everything all at once! I like to pick up meaningful and personalized gifts as I come across them, which is usually random and spontaneous. Just consider being conscious of who you’re buying from and think about how you can be more sustainable in this process. Check out our Travel Journal on December 11th for a sustainable gift ideas post!

The PROJECTKIN team hopes that you have a great start to your November and wishes you lots of happiness and “hygge” this season. 

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