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America's Coffee Capital Tour: Fall Edition 

Seattle, Washington is well known as an innovative and booming coffee hotspot. It's also the birthplace of some teeny chain called Starbucks. But we're not here to talk Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

I was on the hunt for the best of the best fall specialty drinks from all around Seattle. If you're looking for cafe recommendations or are simply in need of fun fall flavor coffee inspiration, we've got the coziest guide right here.

Miso Caramel Latte- Vita at KEXP Radio

First of all, the cool points of KEXP's coffee shop are through the roof. Situated inside the radio stations building is a coffee shop full of big couches, lots of art, and it's own record shop. 

So I was all the more "amped" to try what was already a promising start to my coffee journey.  I usually order an iced coffee even as the seasons change, but a hot cup of this really did it for me on this crisp fall morning. Think salted caramel with a different kind of depth of flavor. Not super sweet, the miso adds an extra layer of casual savoriness.  It was a twist on a standard that does what it sets out to do- be a great fall drink. With a great view of falling leaves outside and the sounds of KEXP playing overhead, I felt this coffee was already starting my day a level up.

Pumpkin Hazelnut- Zoka Coffee

Hazelnut and coffee? Best friends. Match made in heaven. Now add the pumpkin in to make it fall and you have a winner. And look how beautiful! The attention to detail? Unmatched .

This is the coffee drink for people who don't like coffee, only because it's just that tasty. It's flavor profile is almost tiramisu-esque, with a little hint of cinnamon. In a coffee shop full of people typing away and taking calls on a busy workday, this cup of coffee is a sweet reward for those who need it. 

White Velvet- Espresso Vivace

Espresso Vivace was a coffee shop you could immediately feel comfortable in. Even with a slow start to day three on my journey, I was revitalized by the fun, jovial atmosphere coming from the baristas.

And nothing says "good mood" like the name White Velvet. It has heated cream in a mocha base but with coffee flavor still being present.  It's a yummy, easy drink, perfect for sitting and catching up with friends or for just trying something new to warm your daily routine up.

Lavendar Chai- Anchored Ship Coffee Bar

Lavender Chai screams sophisticated. Classy and wholesome. It reflects the mood of the coffee shop that makes it. And with perhaps the best quality of coffee flavor of the bunch present in it, this drink transcends the label of seasonal drink.

Located in a cute, shop filled nook of Ballard, this cup of coffee came with me as I sat outside and watched swaths of people ambling by. It's great place for people-watching, but also, importantly, a great place to watch people walk their dogs. Dog after dog (and owners) trotted by as I gently sipped my drink. Just the right pairing for a thoughtful, slow, trot through the day in Seattle.

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