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Kin Hold-all Bag, Black



The Kin Hold-all is a durable, high-quality hemp-based bag with ample room for longer getaways and travels. If you typically run out of space in your weekend bag, this will surely hold everything you need. We use an extra strong hemp giving it a rich texture and natural look, coupled with high-quality vegetable-tanned leather for the handle.

Other than being a beautiful, natural material, hemp has the benefit of having a much lower environmental footprint than other materials (e.g., cotton). The bag also comes with a reinforced shoulder strap.

Kin Hold-all was created by the award-winning designer Thomas Bentzen, who has created designer products for some of the world’s most known brands.

Product Features

One size – 46 x 62 x 25 cm (18.1 x 24.4 x 9.9 in)

Weight – 2.1 kg (4.6 lbs)

The Kin Hold-all was made to last and is a truly high-quality product - every detail was meticulously thought through by Thomas. To ensure durability, we have used the very best materials available, including:

  • Bonded hemp material (a much more durable and sustainable material than cotton & nylon)
  • Lining from natural linen made from flax fibres
  • Handles made from high-quality, vegetable-tanned leather
  • Luggage sleeve to attach bag to trolley handle
  • High-quality hinges and keyring holder
  • Interior zipped pocket for smaller items
  • Two interior pockets
  • Coated with bio-based and non-fluorinated stain and water repellent